philip lunn

twenty four hours is an interactive installation exploring themes such as personal communication, globalization and social interfacing in the ‘networking’ age.








Click here to view recorded clips from the online broadcast of the exhibition

Click here to view a time-lapse clip from the opening night of the exhibition









Click on any of the links below to visit a few of the worldwide volunteers who are part of the twenty four hours project

Adel Fortia, Artist

Libya, Misurata

Anjali Nayyar, Art collector and artist

New Delhi, India

Anke and Ada, Architect and new mum

Zürich, Switzerland


Annette Rodley-Rydeard-Armstrong, Daughter, wife, mother, grandmother & great grand mother or housewife and I enjoy life

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Clayton Bailey, Sculptor

Port Costa, California, USA

Denita Tizard, Artist

Wanganui, New Zealand

Janthana Singhto, Project manager

Bangkok, Thailand


Kerry Buckland, Multi media artist, teacher

Melbourne, Australia

Levan Beriashvili, Artist, painter


Lung Chard, Engineer

Dubai, UAE


Nicola Harwood, Artist

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Pavel Tichimorov, Artist

Sankt Peterburg, Russia

Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Cartoonist

Anchorage, Alaska

Tony Withers, Photographer

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Yulia Katkova, Painter

Lima, Peru